What is Art Therapy


Sometimes words alone cannot fully express feelings and experiences. Art therapy is based on the belief that the process of creating art, in itself, is healing. The product may also help clients gain self-awareness and resolve issues.

flowers in the dirtArt therapy provides a non-verbal, safe way to externalize issues. The artwork may hold personal meaning, and reflection on the artwork offers insights into thoughts, emotions, choices, and behaviors.

Art therapy includes the use of images, painting, drawing, collage, and clay to help express and explore feelings.

Anyone can use art and the creative process. You do not need to be ‘artistic’. The goal is not to judge or interpret the artwork. It simply adds another dimension to communicate and explore emotions.

Art Therapy Photo 2Some clients choose not to use art and are successful in resolving issues through verbal therapy only. Art is used when and if clients feel comfortable.


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